by Will Taylor -
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Welcome to my new course support site.  My old platform at https://homstudies.com/academy has now been shuttered & that URL redirected here.

Please create a User Account here if you have not done so already.  I'll track newly-created accounts & will manually transfer your course enrolments from my old site.

Founding members of my Substack project may register for any of these courses for no charge; see https://open.substack.com/pub/willtaylormd/p/for-my-founding-members for details.

If you're unfamiliar with my Substack project, this is where I'm devoting my current energies, since the spring of 2023, currently with 2-3 essays/week, currently with material queued up for release through the spring of 2025 and more in development, with series on The Nature of Disease, Chronic Disease, Mapping our Materia Medica, The Study of Homeopathy (Materia Medica, Case Receiving, Philosophy & Principles of Practice, The Repertory, and starting soon, on Acute Disease).  Articles are available to paid (monthly, annual, founding) subscribers.