I've enjoyed presenting courses on various topics, most of these illustrated with successful cases which I've been proud to describe.  I've wanted a forum to present some of those cases I've not been so proud of; cases I've failed to help, or even confused beyond my ability to rectify as a homeopathic practitioner.  So this course on How NOT to do homeopathy (the title inspired by an excellent essay by Margaret Lucy Tyler) - looking back at some of these cases to discern where I failed & why, & what might have been done differently, imagining Hahnemann, Adolf Lippe, Hering, & others leaning over my shoulder to offer advice.  I intend not so much make this an opportunity to flagellate myself, tho investigating my failures can be a painful exercise, but to use these cases as an opportunity to look back on my errors in a productive way, and to share these insights into the difference between unsuccessful and successful practice.

4 weeks in 1-hour sessions, at special pandemic pricing for this era of pulling inward.

Thursdays, April 30 - May 21, 5-6pm US Pacific daylight time (UTC-7)

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$60, with extra special pricing for my friends in central & eastern Europe; see the registration links below.