In my Materia Medica Illuminated series, I strive to bring our homeopathic remedies to life, with form, coherency, and individuality.  I'll continue to alternate "large," well-known remedies with "small," neglected ones; having recently completed Lachesis muta, this next offering in this ongoing series is the "small," rather neglected remedy Coffea arabica, represented in our materia medica in two forms, raw ("Coffea cruda") & roasted ("Coffea tosta").

Coffea was introduced as a medicinal substance by Hahnemann in his 1803 essay, On the Effects of Coffee, from Original Observations; but was only entered into our Materia Medica many years later by Stapf, in his additions to Hahnemann's Materia Medica Pura.

In this course we'll discuss the substance itself, and will review the medicinal effects of coffee, including Hahnemann's concerns regarding the potential adverse effects of coffee on health & healing, discussing these in light of contemporary understanding of coffee's influences on health.  We'll investigate the properties of coffee, both raw & roasted, as a homeopathic remedy, illustrated with cases drawn from my clinical experience, and will compare & contrast this remedy with other "large" & "small" remedies, including close botanical relatives in the family Rubiaceae & order Gentianales, and remedies with which Coffea might readily be confused in practice.

Thursday, August 15; 5-7pm US Pacific daylight time; click here for date & time in your timezone.

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