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Strategies in Case Analysis

Tuesdays, 2-4pm US Pacific time (5-7pm US Eastern time), May 26 - June 30
or by Self-paced participation via streaming video from the course support page posted within 72 hours of each live session.

You have a well-taken (received) case on one hand, and some faithfully-acquired knowledge of our remedies in your head, a pile of resources (materia medica texts, a repertory or two (or a feature-rich piece of homeopathic software) on the other.  How to proceed?  Will will lean on his years of clinical and teaching experience to help chart a path through the process of organizing and analyzing homeopathic cases - both acute and chronic - to assure optimal success in treatment.

We'll examine a variety of approaches using cases - both acute and chronic - from Will's casebooks and from the historical literature to develop skills that you can transfer productively to cases in your own practice.

Topics will include:

Understanding and completing the symptom; both in the process of case-receiving and afterwards, appreciating the contribution that individual expressions (signs, symptoms) make to the case as a whole.  Appreciating when a symptom is sufficiently "complete" and how to proceed when it is not.

Appreciating the Totality; understanding the nature of the "totality of symptoms," as so much more than a mere collection of "stuff that is true about the case".  How to recognize when a Totality is sufficiently "complete," and how to proceed when it is not.

Approaches to organizing/structuring a meaningful totality - we'll closely examine a variety of approaches that can be applied to cases of varied nature.

Moving from the Totality to an analysis; use of the Repertory.

The role of Keynotes, "Essences," perceived "core delusions" and "vital sensations" in case analysis.

The relative roles of mental/emotional, somatic (physical), local, and general expressions in the Totality.

The significance of "symptoms of the person" vs. "symptoms of the disease"

Working with "one-sided" or "defective" cases.

How our appreciation of the nature of chronic "miasmatic" disease can productively be applied in case analysis.

Constructing, and extracting useful guidance from, a meaningful repertorization.

Perceiving, and proceeding with, cases in which the principal issues are "maintained," rather than dynamic; "obstacles to cure."

Registrants will be able participate in the webinar live sessions, or to participate asynchronously via streaming video recordings of the live sessions at their own pace*.

Some responses to Will's teaching:

I have been taking your webinars for over a year and I have thoroughly enjoyed studying homeopathy. Your teaching methods are extraordinary. You create so much enthusiasm in a student that is amazing. I am a Family physician in private practice in Houston for over 30 years, I practice homeopathy and I am a student of homeopathy. I am missing Thursday evening class already and looking forward to your future courses.

I am so delighted to have discovered Dr. Taylor as a teacher. He is among the best I have encountered. His depth of knowledge, understanding of disease, and humility make him a joy to learn with. He presents a high bar with his dedication to excellence, which inspires us to reach farther with our own professional development.

I appreciate Will's tremendous generosity with his time, energy & talent - the time he spends preparing, teaching & participating on the forum is mind boggling.

Awesome Presentation! Will is a masterful teacher - among the best I have experienced, and I have seen many of the prominent teachers popular today.

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