Materia Medica Illuminated - Natrum muriaticum

It’s been a little while since I’ve taught a Materia Medica course, & I’d like to get back in the saddle with a few, jumping back in to the flow of alternating some polycrests with other “small” remedies.  I’d like to begin with Natrum muriaticum, one of Hahnemann’s grand polychrests (“large” remedies of many uses).

Hahnemann introduced a “proving” of Natrum muriaticum in the Materia Medica section of  The Chronic Diseases in 1828, and marveled at the medicinal powers that potentiation was able to elicit in such a “common substance” as common table salt.   My own introduction to homeopathy, following the rapid cure of a nasty case of shingles (zoster) with a single dose of Rhus tox, involved a rather miraculous whole-person response to Natrum muriaticum, launching me on this marvelous journey.  

In this one-session course, I will describe the substance itself, its pathogenesis as revealed in its historical “provings” (Prüfungen), and develop the description of its medicinal properties in my remedy “map,” & on the mappa mundi/4-elements/4-humors map; & will investigate the differential materia medica of some large & “small” remedies that might be confused in practice, & present some cases that illustrate its properties in action. 

One session (1.5-2 hours), Tuesday June 18, 5-6:30/7pm US Pacific daylight time (UTC-7).  Secure Online enrollment via PayPal] (a PayPal account is not required; use your credit or debit card), $40.

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