I’ve just completed a highly satisfying & well-received 6 week course on Measles, & by request am offering a similar course covering Mumps. 

 Mumps was a routine endemic childhood disease in North America prior to the introduction of a vaccine & widespread vaccination efforts beginning in 1967. Current outbreaks of mumps involving a total of 151 reported cases in 30 U.S. states since January 1st 2019, have brought mumps into the public and public health eye, and raised concerns regarding vaccination policy. 

In this 6-week course, I'd like to carefully examine mumps - like measles, an acute epidemic disease that recurs in the same manner and is therefore known by a traditional name (§73, Hahnemann's Organon) - including its description & diagnosis, its history, pathophysiology & immunopathology, the current status of "outbreaks" & "epidemics," conventional medical management including vaccination & concerns revolving around vaccination, and homeopathic management including homeoprophylaxis, & the question of “homeopathic vaccination”. 

Cases will be reviewed from my practice files & from the traditional literature. 

 Please join me for this 6 week (6 hour) online course, beginning Tuesday, April 23 (5-6pm US Pacific time). 

All sessions will be recorded & posted as streaming video for review and for self-paced participation; for those participating in real time, our webinar sessions will be supplemented by an instructor-mediated online discussion forum.