measlesChristopher Robin 

Had wheezles

And sneezles,

They bundled him 


His bed.


They wondered

If wheezles

Could turn

Into measles,

If sneezles 

Would turn

Into mumps;

They examined his chest

For a rash,

And the rest

Of his body for swellings and lumps.


- A.A. Milne

Measles was a routine endemic childhood disease in Christopher Robin's day. Current outbreaks of measles involving a total of 79 reported cases in 10 U.S. states, along with more extensive outbreaks in Europe this past year, have brought measles into the public and public health eye, and raised concerns regarding vaccination policy.

In this 6-week course, I'd like to carefully examine measles - an acute epidemic disease that recurs in the same manner and is therefore known by a traditional name (§73, Hahnemann's Organon) - including its description & diagnosis, its history, pathophysiology & immunopathology, the current status of "outbreaks" & "epidemics," conventional medical management including vaccination & concerns revolving around vaccination, and homeopathic management including homeoprophylaxis. Cases will be reviewed from my practice files & from the traditional literature.

Hopefully the current "outbreaks" of measles will have resolved by the time this course is underway - but we can be guaranteed its return in the future, and the issues we address will apply to other epidemic diseases of childhood, many of which we'll mention in passing.

Please join me for this 6 week (6 hour) online course, beginning Tuesday, February 19 (5-6pm US Pacific time). All sessions will be recorded & posted as streaming video for review and for self-paced participation; for those participating in real time, our webinar sessions will be supplemented by an instructor-mediated online discussion forum.