Arnica montana is often considered the homeopathic "go-to" remedy in acute physical trauma; and sometimes it serves admirably.  But we need to recall that our remedies need to bear similitude to the "disease" - the nature of the disattuned dynamis - and this does not always equate with the nature of the insult or perturbation that set disease in motion.  In this installment of my Materia Medica Illuminated series, we'll study the pathogenesis of Arnica in the context of several cases calling for its use, and contrast this with  several other remedies it might be confused with in practice, illustrated through cases seen in my practice and the classical literature.

2 hours via live interactive webinar with Will Taylor, M.D.,

Tuesday November 20 2018, 4:30-6:30pm US Pacific Standard time [UTC-8]

the live session will be recorded & posted as streaming video for review, & for those who are unable to attend live.