Hahnemann’s Organon outlines the core principles of homeopathic practice, philosophically & in practical application.  Written in an unfamiliar language, subject to historically awkward translation, & in the context of another era, it often makes difficult reading for contemporary students.

Over 2 decades ago I took Adolph Lippe’s advice, to read this text through twice annually, in addition to consulting sections as specific questions arose in practice & self-study.  I doubt I’ll hit Lippe’s record of 110 readings; but I discover new pearls of wisdom on each review.

In this course I’d like to guide us through a half-year’s reading of the Organon while bringing the text to life with discussion of the context of Hahnemann’s teachings in the questions of his day, while also bringing his observations into contemporary context.  Although classified as a text of “homeopathic philosophy,” and often regarded as soporific bedtime reading somehow distant from daily practice, the Organon (“tool, instrument”) is a work of applied philosophy, capable of directly informing the effective practice of healing.  As we work through the material, we’ll be bringing Hahnemann’s teachings alive in the context of homeopathic casework and in the examination of contemporary medical beliefs and practices.

This course will be presented in the mixed format of live (or recorded, for self-paced participation) webinar sessions, 1+ hour weekly for 30 weeks, supplemented by guided / instructor mediated asynchronous discussion.  A copy of the Organon will be required for personal reading (preferably the Wenda Brewster O’Reilly adaptation of the 6th edition, tho I would recommend some of you to also refer to the Kunzli/Naude edition, and to electronic versions available online; if you’re gifted with an appreciation of German, you might wish to consult versions in the original language of the author); we’ll be referencing earlier versions and other translations of these in our live sessions & discussions.

Please join me for this exploration of the text that serves as the foundation of homeopathic practice; weekly for 30 weeks, Thursday evenings (4:30-5:30 US Pacific time [UTC-7; UTC-8 between Nov. 4 & March 10]), beginning on Thursday October 11.

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