A new installment of my series Materia Medica Illuminated -

Ignatia amara (Strychnos ignatia), & the taxonomy of grief.

Ignatia is a well-known remedy in the homeopathic Materia Medica, an early introduction by Hahnemann often considered one of our polychrests; remedies "of many uses." Yet its use is often stereotyped as a "grief" remedy, or even trivially as "the grief remedy."

In this 2-hour online session, we'll look closely at Ignatia, using a variety of tools & strategies for effective Materia Medica study, including my "remedy map" of Ignatia and a differential study of grief and other dimensions of Ignatia's pathogenesis. I'll begin our study with a case, focusing on its analysis with attention to differentiating Ignatia from other leading & small remedies suggested by the totality of characterizing symptoms.

This is part of my ongoing online series Materia Medica Illuminated, with several installments currently available in recorded format for self-paced participation.

Please join me for the Live Session on Wednesday October 4 2017, from 4:30-6:30pm US Pacific time (UTC-7).

$30 for 2 hours of homeopathic continuing education, for live session access, including 6 months access to all course materials with streaming video of the recorded live session for review or self-paced participation.

Will Taylor M.D.