Hyoscyamus nigerOn reading the existing materia medica descriptions of Hyoscyamus, it would appear difficult to prescribe this remedy outside of cases of extreme insanity, delirium, or severe neurological pathologies; and although we may find usefulness for it in those rare cases of such that we may encounter, this is a remedy useful as well in many more day-to-day presentations.  

In this one-session, 2-hour presentation & discussion, Will will develop his materia medica "map" of Hyoscyamus, discussing this remedy in the context of existing descriptions in our classical materia medica, and cases from Will's own clinical experience as well as our classical literature; we'll also examine some of the rubrics listing Hyoscyamus in our Repertories, with some discussion of important differentials with other remedies found in those rubrics, and describe "similar" and important "related" remedies, including some examination of the utility and shortfalls of examining this from a "families" perspective as a member of the botanical family Solanacea and other taxonomic and analogic groupings in which it might be classified.

Hyoscyamus was one of the earliest remedies introduced by Hahnemann, and was one of the most thoroughly-described of the 27 medicinal substances included in his early 1805 collection 'Fragmenta de viribus medicamentorum positivis..'.  Study of this plant as a medicinal agent by Hahnemann's medical school teacher Anton von Störck, in Vienna, may have been instrumental in Hahnemann's recognition of cure by similars as a principle of cure.

Presented as a live 2-hour Webinar session with the opportunity for participant questions, comments & discussion supplemented by an online course support page with downloadable handout, asynchronous discussion forum, self-review & participation-assessment quiz, and downloadable document of participation.  The Live session will be recorded & posted on the course support page for review & self-paced participation for those unable to attend the live session.  Enrollment will provide 6-months' access to all course materials.

Thursday, January 19, 4-6pm US Pacific standard time (UTC-8)

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