Enrollment provides access to module 1 (the first 10 sessions) of the  the 2017 series as these are delivered, for 20 hours of live/recorded online instruction & access to all course materials.  Taught in Live online webinar sessions providing for participant/instructor discussion & supplemented by an asynchronous course support platform for download of handouts, supporting materials, online assessment & documentation of participation,  an asynchronous online course discussion forum & participant journals.

We'll meet live for 1½-2 hour webinar sessions, Tuesday evenings beginning January 17, and continuing for 10 weeks; subsequent modules in the series will meet in this same time slot, with occasional brief breaks, over a total of 60 weeks, to cover these topics in depth.  All sessions will be recorded, & posted as streaming video on the course support site, for review & make-up of missed sessions.  Note that although it will be possible to participate entirely self-paced via the recorded sessions, I strongly encourage all to participate via the live sessions as much as is possible, to take advantage of our opportunity for real-time discussion, and to provide me with the inspiration of a live community of participation.

This will be my 3rd time presenting this course, & over time I've crafted it carefully to meet the needs of the student & practitioner of homeopathy & other "alternative" approaches to healing.  3rd time's a charm, it's said.

Tuesday evenings 4:30-6:00pm US Pacific time (UTC-7, changing to UTC-8 for daylight saving time in the spring), beginning Tuesday January 17.

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