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Building & Working with Your Homeopathic Library
- an exploration of our Classical & Contemporary Resources
with Will Taylor, M.D.

In this 6-week-long Online course (90 minutes weekly x 6 weeks), we'll investigate the classical & contemporary homeopathic literature, comparing & contrasting the resources available to us, with an eye toward building a personal reference library and utilizing it to our best advantage in preparing for and maintaining a homeopathic practice.

Designed for:

- Practitioners & other interested individuals wishing to build confidence in their continued studies & practice;
- Beginning or ongoing students wishing an orientation to the best resources for launching or enhancing their homeopathic education;
(if you are enrolled in a formal program, your school has likely provided you with a required/recommended reading list; we will acquaint you with best use of these resources, and augment this with other recommendations to enhance your studies)
- Anyone wishing to further their familiarity with the homeopathic literature

Presented in Live Interactive Webinar sessions; all sessions will be recorded & posted as streaming video on the course support page, for review & for those who wish to participate in this manner on your their own schedule.  Registration provides 6 months' access to all course materials.  Interaction with instructor & other participants is provided in the Live Webinar sessions, as well as via a course-page online discussion forum.  Documentation will be provided for 9 hours (6x1.5 hrs) of primary or continuing homeopathic education, on completion of the course.

6 consecutive Thursdays, 4-5:30 pm US Pacific time 
October 27, November 3, November 10 (note the change to Standard time on November 6), November 17, December 1, December 8; we'll skip November 24 due to the U.S. Thanksgiving holiday.

(click here for time & date of session 1 in your timezone)

We'll cover:

Texts addressing Homeopathic Philosophy / Principals of Practice; a comparison & contrast, including those that propose historical or contemporary variations on or modifications of traditional Hahnemannian practice.

Homeopathic Materia Medica - with a comparison & contrast of texts useful in the consulting room for acute & chronic care, and for working with particular patient populations (e.g. children. veterinary populations); and texts for dedicated primary & ongoing material media study.  We'll look into both historical & contemporary materia medica resources.  I'll offer my recommendations, born of 30 years' experience, and will offer room for discussion of others' experiences & preferences.

Homeopathic Repertories - an understanding of their origins & source material, & uses in practice & materia medica study; recommendations for students & practitioners for both general & specialized uses.

We'll look at the available software programs offering electronic access to our Materia Medica & to our Repertories, and the relative advantages & disadvantages of electronic vs. hard-copy access to these resources.  I'll take up the details of navigation of our electronic literature in a subsequent course, if this is of interest.

Texts covering the Basic Medical Sciences; Anatomy, Physiology, Pathology & the Nature of Disease, Pharmacology including conventional drug "side-effects" & drug interactions.

Useful references addressing other "alternative" medical interventions that may be of interest to the homeopathic student & practitioner.

Resources for accessing homeopathic, other "alternative," and conventional medical research and the evidence-based literature.

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