Understanding & working with Sleep Disorders

We’ll investigate the nature of, and management of, a variety of commonly-encountered sleep disorders; including:

Sleep-onset insomnia

Sleep maintenance insomnia

Early morning waking

Restless sleep

Jet Lag

Restless Leg Syndrome


Obstructive Sleep Apnea



Nightmares & disturbing dreams

Night terrors

Menopausal sleep disturbances, nocturnal hot flashes

Emphasizing Homeopathic and non-pharmacologic management, illustrated with cases from Will’s practice experience & the classical homeopathic literature.

We’ll also discuss the health & wellness issues associated with disturbed sleep and the role of homeopathic & conservative management in sleep-disturbance-related health issues.

5 weeks, 5 consecutive Wednesdays, September 14 - October 12

Live Sessions will be recorded, will be available as streaming video to course participants for review and/or self-paced participation.

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