The Homeopathic Management of Traumatic Brain Injury

in this 5-week online course,

We’ll develop an understanding of the functional pathologies involved in Traumatic Brain Injury and how these might be appreciated from, and addressed therapeutically, from a homeopathic perspective.  We’ll work with cases from Will’s clinical experience and engage in careful differential Materia Medica study of remedies commonly encountered in these settings.

Traumatic brain injury has been described as a “silent epidemic,” representing a significant public health issue, with at least 1.7 million cases recognized annually in the U.S., with many cases not coming to appropriate medical attention or receiving adequate diagnosis or appropriate medical management.  It’s estimated that between 3.2 and 5.3 million persons; 1.1-1.7% 0f the U.S. population - live with long-term disabilities resulting from traumatic brain injury.

Cases presented will represent Acute presentations, including

Acute concussion, Acute epidural hematoma, Acute subdural hematoma, Subacute subdural hematoma; and Chronic presentations, including Persistent Mild to Severe Traumatic Brain Injury and Chronic traumatic encephalopathy; with symptomatic presentations involving depression, other affective changes & psychological disorders, vertigo, seizures; cognitive impairments and focal neurological deficits.

We’ll briefly address common associated injuries, including Cervical spine injury and Myofascial pain, which may complicate the acute and chronic presentations of patients with traumatic brain injuries.

Stroke - ischemic and hemorrhagic, including those resulting from arteriovenous malformations and ruptured aneurisms, and ischemic injury following drownings and surgery, may present with similar short- and long-term symptomatology; we’ll discuss these briefly, but will focus on cases precipitated by blunt head trauma, including accidental falls, physical assault and military injury, sports injuries, automotive and bicycle injuries, and occupational injury.

5 live 2-hour-long online sessions; Thursdays June 9, 16, 23, 30; July 28 (final session follows after a 3-week break in which Will intends to rest his brain); $200, for 10 hours of homeopathic continuing education.

All sessions will be recorded and posted on the course support site for review or self-paced participation; registration will provide 6 months' access to all course materials.