Sepia officinalisSepia was introduced to homeopathic practice by Hahnemann in his Chronic Diseases as an "antipsoric," and has found a place among our most valued polychrests - well-known remedies of many uses.  Its use in practice however is often limited by trivialized descriptions and stereotyping as a "women's remedy," a characterization which may limit our ability to recognize its applicability in other settings and result in its overprescription in gynecologic concerns.

In this free webinar session we'll engage in a careful study of Sepia, tapping resources from our classical literature and contemporary cases, building up a visual/textual "map" of this invaluable remedy and discussing important contrasts & comparisons with other "large" and "small" remedies.

Join Will for this free 2-hour webinar, presented live with provision for discussion both during the live session, and subsequently via an asynchronous online forum.  Self-paced participation will be available via streaming video of the recorded live session, supplemented by access to the discussion forum, for those unable to attend live, and will be available to all course participants - live and self-paced -  for 6 months from the date of registration.

Documentation will be provided for 2 hours of Homeopathic Continuing Education for all course participants.

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