I'll be resuming the homstudies.com"Hangout with Will" sessions starting up once more on Wednesday November 18, at 5-6pm (tho I usually run over the hour) US Pacific time (UTC-8) (view time/date in your time zone).

For those of you who have not yet participated in these, this is a "virtual office hour"  or "non-course course" made interactive with webcam and texted-in and microphone-enabled live discussion; supplemented between sessions with an online discussion forum dedicated to the group.

A time to discuss all those things that might not fit neatly into a particular topic-oriented course, launched initially last March at the request of some clever and creative homstudies.com course participants.

Open to all with an interest (seasoned practitioners, students, folks with an interest - we all have things to learn from each other)

Techical requirements for participation:

Please test your system with our webconferencing service provider; you can safely ignore the prompt to install the Adobe Connect Ad-in (this is needed only by session organizers); you'll need a current web browser (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Internet Explorer) with Adobe Flash Player installed, on a Mac, Windows or Linux computer, or an iOS or Android portable device (smartphone or tablet) with the Adobe Connect Mobile APP (a free download from your device's APP store), with a reliable internet connection (again, please test your connection first with the link above).

An installed and functioning webcam (built-in or connected via usb) is not necessary, but would permit a greater degree of interactivity, and help me realize that I am not merely conversing with a 27" computer monitor.

If you wish (please) to be able to enter into live discussion, a headset will be necessary; a computer's open mic and speakers will not suffice if you wish to enter into discussion, as they'll create disturbing reverb feedback.  I like this one, as it leaves one ear free to hear myself talking.  Without this, you'll still be able to text your questions & comments into the discussion.  You of course are also welcome to merely "lurk," tho I may likely try to goad all into actively participating, as we all learn so much more that way.

Reserve your seat now, at http://courses.homstudies.com/hangout

Subscriptions are available for a single session (at $15) or for 3 months (3 sessions, at $40), with instant enrollment via PayPal using a credit or debit card, or a PayPal account.

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