will3-month enrollment in the Virtual Internship online course with Will Taylor, M.D., Subscription for 3 Virtual Internship Sessions.

We'll initially meet once monthly online (on the first Thursday of each month), for 2-hour sessions, from 5-7pm US Pacific Daylight time [UTC-7]; and will be using our initial sessions to experiment with our format & schedule, to best meet the needs of participants (= early participants will have the opportunity to set the structure & priorities of our work together).  I'll be keeping enrollment modest, to ensure the ability to offer a personalized experience to all participants while also offering the benefits of group participation.

Our Live Session online software will permit real-time audio/video conferencing among all participants, as well as sharing of prepared presentations & videos.  In addition we'll have an online discussion forum for asynchronous discussion outside of our live sessions

Participants may submit cases to Will for review to include in our group review and discussion.  We'll be devoting our time together to the discussion of submitted cases, along with cases provided by Will from his own practice and from the classical literature, focussing on case receiving & recording, identification of external sustaining influences, organization of the totality of characterizing signs & symptoms, case analysis, remedy selection, selection & management of dose & potency, & ongoing case management; as well as in discussion regarding our personal professional development as students & practitioners of homeopathy & healthcare in general, including as topics the personal study of materia medica, of the philosophy & practice of homeopathy & of the the healing arts in general, the inclusion and integration of other therapeutic approaches, practice management, and self-care of the health-care practitioner.

In addition, participants in this project will have the opportunity for individual consultation with Will for individual consultation fees that we work out together, to address individual casework or other topics of interest.

Based on our experiences working together in the initial 3 months (beginning in May 2016), it is my plan to extend this project to an ongoing virtual internship with 3-, 6-, & 12-month subscription options, to meet the needs of the homeopathic community for ongoing clinical training & supervision.  This initial 3-month offering is your opportunity to get in on the ground floor to work with me in helping to shape this program.